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Popular Medical Plans for California:

Blue Shield Platinum 90 PPO                                       Blue Shield Gold 80 PPO                              Blue Shield Silver 70 PPO
Deductible: 0 (none)                                                         Deductible: 0 (none)                                       Deductible: $2,500 per individual

Primary care visit: $15                                                      Primary care visit: $30                                   Primary care visit: $35

Lab: $20 copay                                                                     Lab: $35 copay                                                  Lab: $35 copay

Hospitalization: 10% coinsurance                               Hospitalization: 20% coins.                         Hospitalization: 20% coins. after deductible

Bronze plans (have lower premiums, but higher out of pocket expenses): 

Blue Shield Bronze 60 PPO                                       Blue Shield Bronze 5550 PPO                               Blue Shield Bronze 60 HDHP PPO
Deductible: $6300                                                         Deductible:$5550                                                      Deductible: $4,800 
Primary care visit: $75 (first 3 visits)*                   Primary care visit: $70 (first visit)*                     Primary care visit: 40% coinsurance
Lab: $40 copay                                                                Lab: $30% coinsurance                                          Lab: 40% coinsurance
Hospitalization: 100% coinsurance                        Hospitalization: 30% coinsurance                    Hospitalization: 40% coinsurance

                                                                                                                                                                                        -This plan is HSA compatible

Blue Shield Plans available only through CoveredCa (subsidised based on income) 

Blue Shield Platinum 94 PPO                                       Blue Shield Gold 87 PPO                               Blue Shield Silver 73 PPO
Deductible: $75                                                                  Deductible: $650                                              Deductible: $2,200 per individual
Primary care visit: $5                                                       Primary care visit: $10                                   Primary care visit: $30
Lab: $8 copay                                                                      Lab: $15 copay                                                  Lab: $35 copay
Hospitalization: 10% coinsurance                              Hospitalization: 15 % coins.                        Hospitalization: 20% coins.

Other Blue Shield Medical Plans:

Blue Shield Silver Seven PPO                                       Blue Shield Silver 1850 PPO                          Blue Shield Minimum Coverage PPO
Deductible: $3750                                                             Deductible: $1850                                              Deductible: $7150 
Primary care visit: $7                                                       Primary care visit: $45                                      Primary care visit: subject to deductible
Lab: $7 copay                                                                      Lab: $30% coinsurance                                    Lab: subject to deductible
Hospitalization: 30% coinsurance                              Hospitalization: 30 % coins.                           Hospitalization: subject to deductible

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This is not the complete list of coverage and is subject to change. For specific details of your plan, please refer to the summary of benefits or your evidence of coverage. The above deductible, primary care visit, lab and coinsurance are common when using the network providers. You will pay more if using out of network providers. 

* The first 3 visits (or after first visit) are available prior to meeting the calendar-year medical deductible and include a combination of primary care physician, urgent care, acupuncture, outpatient mental health, outpatient substance abuse and other practitioner visits Subsequent visits are subject to the calendar year medical deductible. 

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